meadow at Belmont Open Space

Welcome to the JKR Memorial Conservation Fund.

Judy Record Conservation Fund Charter, August 2017

The Fund was established in 2001 as a vehicle for the protection, rehabilitation, and maintenance of open space in Belmont and beyond. We focus on maximizing the impact of private dollars on public lands through our grant awards. We seek projects with long-lasting benefits for public enjoyment of open space, and that protect and serve the needs of the environment.

Our Board works actively to promote land conservation efforts in the Greater Boston area. We are committed to bringing together and engaging citizens, municipalities, and private organizations on matters of land stewardship. Our work to assist the Town of Belmont with the long term needs of the 88 acres of Belmont Conservation Land at Lone Tree Hill (transferred from McLean Hospital to the Town in 2005), exemplifies our dedication to the projects we support.

The Record Players Concert

The Record Players Concert XI

The 17th Annual Benefit Concert
Saturday, March 4, 2017
at 7:30 P.M.
The First Church in Belmont
404 Concord Ave., Belmont

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Pine Allee Project

Work has begun at Lone Tree Hill to restore and conserve the Pine Allee

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looking north at Belmont Open Space

“For years I have come to this land to photograph the changing seasons. I’m not alone in finding inspiration here. Many Belmont painters visit to capture the beauty.”
- A Photographer