Our Public & Private Endeavors

The JKR Fund exemplifies what can be accomplished by bringing private dollars to public assets. We plan to facilitate and monitor projects with long-lasting benefits for public enjoyment of open space, and to protect and serve the needs of the environment. The JKR Trustees seek situations where the Fund can inspire, enhance and expand municipal, state or federal support, and in doing so, make a significant difference in the quality of the natural environment. The Fund collaborates with the Town and the Land Management Committee (LMC), the entity created to oversee Lone Tree Hill: Belmont Conservation Land, on projects of mutual interest, and where a commitment to adequate and consistent funding is demonstrated.

The Fund has offered its resources to the LMC to help revitalize the trail system, and to create trail markers and kiosks. In 2004, initial work was done by the Fund to restore the Pine Allee by planting new trees. But for this stand of trees to continue to grace Concord Avenue, significant work is needed with funds not likely available to the LMC. In addition, through a matching JKR grant to the LMC, extensive brush cutting and meadow reclamation work has begun in the open space, which requires years of rehabilitation.

A major JKR Fund project completed in the fall of 2011 was rebuilding the stone wall on a significant stretch of the Concord Avenue border of Lone Tree Hill.

tree collage