Grant Criteria

The Fund will consider making grants which support its mission of ongoing protection, rehabilitation, and maintenance of open space in Belmont and beyond. Grant applications will be considered by The Trustees of the Fund on a timely basis and should be submitted your application to Kit Dreier at, or mail your application to:

meadow reclamation on Belmont Open Space

Kit Dreier, Chair
The Judith K. Record Memorial Conservation Fund
P.O. Box 79138
Belmont, MA 02479

E-mail applications are preferred.

Requests should describe the purpose and the amount of money being requested. It should include the individual/organization making the request and if there are other sources of financing be used (such as a matching grant). A description of how the money will be spent and a timetable for the project should also be included. Finally whom the payments will be made to if the grant is approved should be stated. If the grant is to support a project that requires an RFP, a copy of the RFP should be provided to the Fund. Any resulting proposals as a result of the RFP presented to the LMC for such a grant project should be copied to the Fund. Any contracts let under a proposed Fund grant project should be copied to the Fund.

A printable copy of our grant criteria can be downloaded here.