Our Land, Our Legacy

More than a century ago, Frederick Law Olmstead, saw the promise of open spaces to “exercise” and “enliven” the mind. We invite you to join us in preserving natural landscapes in Belmont and beyond. By supporting the Our Land, Our Legacy initiative you will help endow the care of habitats of beauty and renewal for generations to come. Over two hundred founding donors shared this vision. The Fund seeks additional gifts to reach its million dollar goal to have the capital and interest income to sustain our mission.

To learn more about supporting the Our Land, Our Legacy initiative please contact Kit Dreier, Chair at 617-489-4727 or email us at info@jkrfund.org.

“We joined this campaign right from the beginning. We not only wanted to honor Judy, but we want to do our part to protect natural resources right here in Belmont. Even before this land was deeded to the Town, we trusted the vision of the JKR Fund to be partners with Belmont. We urge our friends and fellow Belmontians to make sure we all leave a legacy of carefully maintained land for generations to come.”

– Charles & Ethel Hamann, Charter Donors

autumn on Belmont Open Space